Previous blogs

View from a hovel was created as an experiment in blogging as inquiry as I navigated the space between finishing my PhD and finding a job in academia. As the blog progressed I began to realise that my desire to be in the academy was simply a fantasy. What started as courting the academy transformed into a viewing through a small window, not unlike the view from Frankenstein’s creature’s hovel. Eventually the blog came to a natural rest and I noticed I was blogging more about my research than my research journey. I realised it was time to begin afresh with a blog that targeted what I now want to write as inquiry – critical theory and technology.

The Pregnant PhD was created as an outlet for my creative and autoethnographic writing as I was writing my thesis. During my PhD candidature I fell pregnant and gave birth to two children. The Pregnant PhD was about drawing comparisons between giving birth to a child and a thesis.